This year we released a new scattershield for the Mitsubishi Evo X GSR.   It is hard releasing a product when you know it is inevitable that people will have a clutch or flywheel fail someday.  That someday is coming for the Evo X owners, as we are just starting to hear of clutch failures taking out an Evo X bell housing.

Our friends at Motion Lab Tuning sent us these images of a customers car which had a cheap clutch let go while it was on their dyno.  While nobody was hurt and the damage was limited to the bell housing, it is only the first sample of what can happen in the Evo X platform when a clutch let’s go.


Motion Lab was able to replace the transmission and put a real clutch in the car for the customer.  Luckily it didn’t happen on a track have worse damage.

If you have any customer stories or examples of clutch or flywheel failures in any vehicle, let us know.  We strive to learn more about the damage effects in order to make our products better and safer.


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