Any of the money made when a Three-Speed product is sold (and this has been true for many many years) goes to a great cause and we donate all of our profits to others.

Along with other things we have already done this year,  my wife and I, and Three-Speed are going to try and get portions of the Home Economics class taught to a handful of 7th graders.  In case you are young enough to not know what Home-Ec is.

The sewing machines are at the school but just shoved in a closet going to waste with all the other supplies that could teach kids important life skills. Stephanie (my wife) is going to donate her time after school after her full day of teaching.

So materials and fabric are what we are going to buy. To start. hopefully the kids will make blankets that then will be donated to kids that need one. (This is all based on if the school district will allow it) As much as the sewing skill we hope to get more social interaction out of the kids and to open their eyes to why they need math and reading skills even though all they want to be is and artist or a basketball player.


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